Whether you rock a faded pompadour, a long shag, or a short bob- we all need a little hair maintenance from time to time. But are you going often enough? Experts say- it really depends on your hair length. Regardless of your hair length and style, here are a few warning signs that you should be visiting your local salon or barber sooner:

  • Your hair tangles easily and snags at the bottom
  • Your hair has spit ends
  • Hair ends feel sticky or gummy
  • Hair ends are frayed and splitting 
  • Curl pattern changes or loses shape
  • Split ends travel up the hair shaft
Though you make take very good care of your hair, it's not recommended to go more than six months without a cut. 

On average, men go 8 weeks in between haircuts with a total of about 6 times per year. On the other hand, women are going 13 weeks in between haircuts or about 4 times a year. So why are men going more often? Simply put, shorter hair styles require more maintenance. Short cuts tend to show growth much faster than longer ones. 

People with very short hair should be getting their hair cut every 1-3 weeks. Some styles that fall under this umbrella are; a fade, a tapered cut, a shaved head or shaved section, and a pixie cut. A good rule of thumb is to aim for a cut every 2 weeks to prevent it from looking grown out. To those with chin length hair, bobs, and longer pixies- look to get your hair cut every 2-7 weeks to keep your ends looking healthy. 

Medium length hair (from the chin to the shoulders) should be cut every 12 weeks. If you go more than 3 months without cutting your hair, it will grow into the "long category". Aim to visit your local salon or barber every 2 months to keep your hair from looking overgrown. 

Long hair requires lots of upkeep and attention- even if you're trying to grow it out. Skipping a trim can lead to more hair damage, which may lead you to cut off more hair than you would like in the long run. Though you may not need to visit the local salon or barber like the folks with very short styles, you should be visiting the salon every 3-4 months to keep your hair most healthy. 

If you want to stay on top of your hair style- book your next few upcoming visits with your barber or salon in advance. This will help keep your hair healthy, maintained, and get you into the habit of getting regular hair cuts. 

September 22, 2022 — Level Up Beauty Distribution