Hair breakage can be the result of many stresses to the hair including, heat, styling, product, color treating, or aggressive towel rubbing. Hair breakage is treatable with the right products and knowledge. So if you've noticed some strangely short layers in your hair and have wondered if it's breakage, we got you! 


Sun damage and chlorine can really do a number to your hair health. Before you leave for that vacay, pack some hair mask samples in your bag. Many companies make products for chlorine damaged hair, including our friends at Paul Mitchell. Their Shampoo Three is perfect for rinsing out all that excess pool water. 


Frequent color treatments and hair bleaching can cause the bonds in your hair to break, resulting your hair proteins to get damaged. If you went a little wild with that last blonde treatment and your hair needs some extra TLC, reach for the bond repairing, hair strengthening, super-formula No 3. from Olaplex. Use once weekly before shampooing and conditioning.


Styling hair too tightly makes hair more susceptible to damage. Be sure to give your hair a much needed break from tight holds by using coiled hair ties and trying looser styles. A tried and true method of "undoing" hair damage is to hydrate with a leave-in conditioner. We recommend It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin. With keratin being the star ingredient, it helps strengthen hair and improve appearance.  


September 06, 2022 — Level Up Beauty Distribution